Disaster Preparedness

slide1In recent years, we have responded to the Boston Marathon bombings, deployed to Central Massachusetts after the tornado strikes of 2011, and spent nearly 70 days in Texas during Hurricane Rita.

However, we are more commonly faced with local disasters that do not make national headlines.

We’re much more likely to become a mobile E.D. rendering emergency medical care in a hospital emergency department parking lot because of a facilities or maintenance issue that disrupts their ability to provide care to incoming patients. Or, we may find ourselves evacuating hundreds of potential patients from mass transit tunnels due to accidents or mechanical problems. We’ve staffed numerous Dispensing Vaccination Centers alongside our Public Health counterparts to provide influenza vaccines to thousands of citizens.

Pro EMS participates in various aspects of emergency preparedness in all of the Communities we serve by participating on planning committees, delivering presentations to citizen groups, preparing written disaster plans and memoranda of understandings and by developing local and regional training exercises.

City Wide Disaster Planning

Pro EMS participates in various aspects of emergency preparedness in Cambridge, and is a member of several committees focused on emergency preparedness issues. Pro EMS has assisted in the preparation of written plans, memoranda of understandings with public and private entities, and the development of local and regional exercises. Additionally, Pro EMS has given presentations at various training sessions and preparedness meetings.