Policy 1400.1

Title: Job Posting  
Section Job Posting
Policy #: 1400.1
Modified 01/01/2021 12:49 AM

A. Job Posting

PRO advertises available positions internally and externally. PRO’s job posting policy addresses internal advertising while all external advertising is done through the website.

PRO believes in promoting employees from within and has established a job-posting program to give all employees an opportunity to apply for positions that they are interested in and qualified for. Vacancies below the senior management level are normally posted on the PRO website. Postings generally include the title, the salary range, the minimum hiring specifications, the essential functions of the job, and the closing date for filing applications. Positions are normally posted for ten workdays.

To be eligible to apply for a posted position, you must meet the minimum hiring specifications for the position, be capable of performing the essential functions of the job, with or without a reasonable accommodation, and be an employee in good standing in terms of your overall work record. You are responsible for monitoring job vacancy notices and for completing and filing an online application form during the posting period for a specific opening.

B. Selection Process

PRO utilizes an online application and interviews to conduct its selection process.

PRO believes that hiring the right individual is paramount to a smooth running organization. PRO is committed to searching for applicants who possess the specific personality profile and temperament characteristic of an EMS worker.

PRO uses a behavior based process to screen prospective employees through its online application. The prospective employees are asked a series of questions about how they handle problems, communicate, lead people, handle stress, and various other components. PRO is looking for individuals who have the ability to match our expectations as closely as possible.