Policy 1700.1

Title: Uniforms and Appearance  
Section Uniforms and Appearance
Policy #: 1700.1
Modified 02/03/2021 12:51 AM

A. Obtaining Uniforms

PRO provides every employee with uniforms. At the completion of your hiring process you will complete a uniform survey indicating sizes and will receive your uniforms on your first day of employment.

Our uniform provider is:

Blue Dolphin Screenprint & Embroidery, Inc.
22 Canal St. Unit #425
Somersworth, NH 03878

Fulltime employees are credited $425.00 to Blue Dolphin each calendar year (January – December) to purchase uniform items from a specified list found online at PRO’s portal with Blue Dolphin. Part-time employees are credited $250.00 to Blue Dolphin each calendar year. The Director of Administration will provide each employee with a link to PRO’s ordering portal. Employees are able to maintain a balance to be used anytime during the calendar year. (Ex: If you only need one pair of pants now and want to save the rest of the money for later, you are able to do that). If the employee goes over their PO allowance they can adjust the amount ordered or pay Blue Dolphin directly at the time of purchase with a credit card.

In the future the employee wants additional items that are above their PO allowance, they can go back on the site and order them. The employee will be able to purchase them directly from Blue Dolphin’s site under their account with their credit card. Each employee’s yearly PO amount is automatically loaded up into their account.

For complete ordering instructions or if you have any questions, see the Chief Administration Officer.

B. Proper Uniform

All personnel are to wear their uniforms properly at all times when on duty. All employees must be in uniform for any training conducted at PRO unless otherwise authorized by management.

o Only PRO issued uniform items may be worn while on duty.

o A short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt, issued by PRO are the only items that may be visible under a UNIFORM shirt. Only current PRO issued items may be visible as your top layer, if you are wearing one of the non-logo issued under layers, they must remain as an under layer at all times. Please plan accordingly for weather.

o One of the approved under-shirts listed above MUST be worn while on duty under the UNIFORM shirt.

o You must wear your assigned radio, and key FOB, and have them on, at all times when on duty while working in Cambridge. While working in Emerson Service Area you must carry your portable radio at all times.

o Your UNIFORM must remain clean, unwrinkled, neat, and in good repair. UNIFORM items that are faded, torn, or worn are not acceptable. If your uniform endures damage from anything other than natural wear and tear or your lack of care, please contact a supervisor for direction of uniform piece replacement. This includes material or functional defects, fading or shrinkage. Please note that some of your uniforms pieces are covered with antimicrobial material that makes them safe for you and stain resistant, improper washing will reduce this feature for you, so please follow washing instructions on each care tag.

Uniform items include:

o PRO issued EMS pants with silver reflective striping

o PRO issued Job shirt (embroidered)

o PRO issued blue polo shirt (embroidered)

o PRO issued Short Sleeve/ Long Sleeve Navy Blue under layer Tee Shirt

o PRO issued baseball hat (embroidered)

o PRO issued winter hat (embroidered)

o PRO issued Fleece Jacket with logo and patches

o PRO issued High Visibility Rain Jacket with reflective logo

o Any Black boots with “postal approved, slip resistant” traction

o Any Plain Black Belt

o Appropriate radio clip/holster/harness

You are responsible for the care and maintenance of your uniforms. You should always have spare uniform items available. If for any reason your uniform becomes soiled during your shift, you are to return to quarters for your own spare uniform. If your uniform is damaged beyond cleaning or repair while working at a scene please see the Chief Administration Officer for assistance in replacing it.

C. Wearing Uniform When Not on Duty

No Professional employee shall wear an identifiable uniform item when not on duty. This particularly applies to wearing an identifiable uniform item in an establishment that serves alcohol. If it is your intention to go out after work you should plan to have a change of clothes. ANY OFF DUTY EMPLOYEE OBSERVED WEARING AN IDENTIFIABLE UNIFORM ITEM IN AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT SERVES ALCOHOL WILL BE SEVERELY DISCIPLINED UP TO AND INCLUDING DISCHARGE.

D. Personal Hygiene and Appearance

All personnel are required to present themselves at the beginning of their shift as someone proud to represent this organization and your profession. This presentation includes your personal hygiene. It is imperative that all employees are clean, showered, and presentable.

If an individual is emitting a malodorous air, from a uniform or his or her person, it is not fair to patients or partners. The offending party will be requested to shower or wash the uniforms at the base or asked to leave by the supervisor for the remainder of the shift. There will be no pay for this time lost. We are a professional organization and must present ourselves as such 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Employees should wear their hair short or pinned back for their own safety. Unnaturally colored hair is not permitted, i.e. purple, blue, pink, etc.

Facial hair that interferes with the seal of a respirator is not permitted. All personnel must be clean-shaven.

Employees may not wear earrings that hang down. Facial jewelry of any type is not permitted. PRO discourages the wearing of large rings while on duty. Rings have the potential to cut through gloves, creating an environment of possible exposures.

Employees should not wear cologne or perfume while on duty. Your taste may not be that of another. Some patients may be allergic or made uncomfortable by these products.

Shoes and/or boots must be cleaned and shined. A shoeshine box is always available at the base, located in the crew room.

E. Professional Class B Uniform

All personnel will be given a Pro Class B Uniform upon hire consisting of:

o PRO issued Navy Blue Button-down Dress Shirt

o PRO issued Black Tie

o PRO issued ProEMS Badge

You will wear this uniform at events such as: Funerals, EMS Events, Court Dates and any other time Management deems necessary. Due to the nature of these events, you must always have this uniform cleaned and pressed. It is your responsibility to have your Class B uniform ready for wear at all times.