Policy 2000.1

Title: Confidentiality of Company Information  
Section Confidentiality of Company Information
Policy #: 2000.1
Modified 05/27/2015 12:52 AM

It is the policy of PRO to ensure that the operations, activities, and business affairs of PRO and our clients are kept confidential to the greatest possible extent. If, during their employment, employees acquire confidential or proprietary information about PRO, its patients, and its clients, such information is to be handled in strict confidence and not to be discussed with outsiders. Employees are also responsible for the internal security of such information. In addition, employees are prohibited from engaging in securities transactions on the basis of information not available to the general public and which, if known to outsiders, might affect their investment decisions. The dissemination of such information to others who might make use of that knowledge to trade in securities is also prohibited.