Policy 2200.1

Title: Electronic Communications  
Section Electronic Communications
Policy #: 2200.1
Modified 02/25/2019 12:54 AM

A. Personal Telephone Calls

Open lines of communication are critical to the success of PRO. As such, our telephones should generally be used for authorized company business only. Of course, we recognize that family emergencies may occur from time to time; in such instances, use of the telephones for personal matters is permitted.

We urge you to ask your family members and friends not to call you at work unless it is an emergency. Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

B. Electronic and Telephonic Communications

PRO relies heavily on communication with employees through the ProEMS.com email assigned to every employee upon hire. It is required that every employee check their ProEMS.com email at least once during every shift.

The use of any software and business equipment, including, but not limited to, pagers, radios, telephones, facsimiles, computers, PRO’s E-mail system, the Internet, and copy machines for improper or illicit purposes is strictly prohibited.

Reasonable personal use of PRO software and business equipment, including, but not limited to, pagers, radios, telephones, facsimiles, computers, PRO’s E-mail system, the Internet, and copy machines is permitted so long as this personal use is not excessive in the sole judgment of PRO.

Employees using this equipment for personal purposes do so at their own risk. Further, employees are not permitted to use a user name, password, code, access a file, or retrieve any stored communication unless authorized to do so or unless they have received prior clearance from an authorized PRO representative.

All passwords or other access codes are the property of PRO. No employee may use a password or voice-mail access code that has not been issued to that employee or that is unknown to PRO. Moreover, improper use of the E-mail system (e.g. spreading offensive jokes or remarks, including on the Internet, will not be tolerated.) Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

To ensure that the use of electronic and telephonic communications systems and business equipment is consistent with PRO’s legitimate business interests, authorized representatives of PRO may monitor the use of such equipment from time to time. This includes monitoring usage of any kind on any device. This may also include listening to stored voice-mail messages.


PRO provides access to the Internet. The Internet represents a useful tool for PRO in conducting its business, but like any other tool, it must be used properly. For purposes of this policy, Internet includes any public electronic data communications network.

Use of the World Wide Web includes all restrictions that apply generally to the use of PRO’s E-mail and other electronic and telephonic equipment, as noted above. In addition, the following rules apply with respect to Internet usage:

1. No Browsing of Restricted Content Web sites: Accessing Web sites that contain pornographic or other illicit material is strictly prohibited.

2. No Downloading of Non-Business Related Data: PRO allows the downloading of files from the Internet, however, downloading files should be limited to those which relate directly to PRO business.

3. No Downloading of Application Programs: PRO does not permit the downloading or installation of application software from the Internet onto PRO computers. Such software may not only contain embedded viruses, but is also untested and may interfere with the functioning of PRO’s standard applications.

4. No Use of Subscription-based Services Without Prior Approval: Some Internet sites require that users subscribe before being able to use them. Users should not subscribe to such services without the express approval of the CEO.

5. No Violation of Copyright: Many of the materials on the Internet are protected by copyright. Even though they may seem to be freely accessible, many of the intellectual property laws which apply to print media still apply to software and material published on the Internet. Employees are permitted to print out Web pages and to download material from the Internet for informational purposes as long as the purpose for such copying falls into the category of “fair use”. Please do not copy or disseminate material which is copyrighted. Employees having any questions regarding such materials should contact the CEO for guidance.