Policy 2500.1

Title: Bulletin Boards  
Section Bulletin Boards
Policy #: 2500.1
Modified 07/14/2017 12:55 AM

To maintain an effective avenue for communicating with our employees, PRO may from time to time utilize bulletin boards or post notices. The bulletin boards are located in the crew room in order to ensure that employees have constant access to posted information.PRO’s bulletin boards are used to communicate official government information on equal employment opportunity, wage and hour, health and safety, and other issues. They can also be used to communicate information regarding PRO’s policies and announcements, including, but not limited to, job postings, safety rules, health items, benefit programs, and notices announcing special events. The vast majority of information, however, will be communicated electronically via email, ePro, and/or the PRO website. Employees may not tamper with these bulletin boards or postings in any manner.

PRO’s bulletin boards may not be used by employees or outside parties for the posting of commercial notes and advertisements, announcements and witticisms, sales of personal property, or any other matters.