Policy 400.1

Title: Medical Examination  
Section Medical Examinations
Policy #: 400.1
Modified 12/20/2008 12:41 AM

As part of PRO’s employment procedures, an applicant is required to undergo a post-offer, pre-employment medical examination, physical test, and alcohol and drug screening. Any offer of employment from PRO is contingent upon, among other things, an applicant’s satisfactory completion of this examination and screening and a determination by PRO and its examining physician that the applicant is capable of performing the essential functions of the position that has been offered, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

As a condition of continued employment, employees are also required to undergo periodic medical examinations, physical tests, and alcohol and drug screening at times specified by PRO.

Further, it should be understood that PRO receives a full medical report from its examining physicians regarding the applicant’s or employee’s state of health.

PRO pays for all company required medical examinations in full. Questions about medical examinations should be directed to the Director of Administration.