Policy 900.1

Title: Pay Procedures and Review  
Section Pay Procedures and Review
Policy #: 900.1
Modified 01/01/2021 12:44 AM

A. Regular Pay Procedures

All PRO employees are normally paid by check or direct deposit on a weekly basis every Friday. The workweek begins at 00:00 Sunday and ends at 23:59 the following Saturday. All required deductions, such as for federal, state, and local taxes, and all authorized voluntary deductions, such as for health insurance contributions, will be withheld automatically from your paychecks.

Please review your paycheck for errors. If you find a mistake, report it to the Chief Administration Officer immediately. The Chief Administration Officer will assist you in taking the steps necessary to correct the error.

PRO offers direct deposit of regular paychecks to any employee who desires to utilize this service. In order to have your paycheck deposited directly into your bank account, log into your Paycom account and update the direct deposit information. Once arrangements are made, your direct deposit will take effect within two weeks. Direct deposit can be appropriated to multiple banks and accounts.

In the event that your paycheck is lost or stolen, please notify the Chief Administration Officer immediately. The Chief Administration Officer will attempt to put a stop-payment notice on your check. If we are able to do so, you will be issued another check. Unfortunately, PRO is unable to take responsibility for lost or stolen paychecks, and if we are unable to stop payment on your check, you alone will be responsible for such loss. PRO strongly encourages all employees to utilize direct deposit to avoid these problems.

B. Detail Pay Procedures

Employees from time to time may be asked to work a detail. Details are normally duty for one EMT or Paramedic with medical equipment at a location requested by anyone arranging a medical detail. All employees will be paid at the detail rate of $40.00/hr for qualifying events.

Detail pay does not include travel time to and from the site of the detail.

If working these hours would result in overtime pay at a rate greater than $40.00/hr, the employee will be paid at their regular overtime rate.

Certain events or assignments may only qualify for regular pay or a time and one-half rate. The supervisor will inform you at which rate you will be paid.

C. Salary Administration Programs

To attract and retain above-average employees, PRO endeavors to pay salaries competitive with those paid by other employers in our industry. PRO will strive to review your salary annually in conjunction with your performance review.

Your total compensation at PRO consists not only of the salary you are paid but also of the various benefits you are offered, such as group health, dental, and life insurance and your 401K plan, as described in other sections of this handbook.

Questions regarding our salary administration program or your individual salary should be directed to the Chief Administration Officer.

D. Performance Reviews

PRO will attempt to complete performance reviews on every employee, except for designated employees annually. Performance reviews are predominately objective and based on a system of points. Points are awarded based on certain standards and objective indicators of performance. Raises are based on the number of total points received for the evaluation. A higher number of points results in a larger raise.

Supervisors and employees are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, day-to-day basis. Ongoing discussions with supervisors about job duties, performance, and the work environment are excellent opportunities for employees to clarify any questions they have about the job. The review gives the employee and management an opportunity to discuss job tasks, encourage and recognize strengths, identify and correct weaknesses, and discuss constructive, purposeful approaches for meeting goals.

PRO will attempt to complete performance reviews annually from your date of hire. Once completed, the Review is available to view within the employee’s Paycom account. Reviews will be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.

E. Garnishments and Support Orders

PRO’s policy is to comply with all valid claims against the wages of employees. If a wage garnishment, child support order, or some other legally valid claim is received by PRO against your wages, you will be notified about the amount and details of the garnishment or wage order. While you may attempt to work out your financial difficulties with your creditor in such situations, PRO will be required to comply with the provisions of the garnishment notice or order, as soon as practicable after it is received, to ensure its compliance with applicable law.