Host 100 Students for Emergency Medicine, CPR Certification Program

One-Day Training is Part of LeadAmerica 10-Day Career Discovery Conference
Cambridge, Mass., July 2008 – Professional Ambulance Service (PRO EMS), one of the premiere providers of emergency medical services in Massachusetts, will host about 100 middle and junior high school students on July 31st for a unique educational program on pre-hospital emergency medicine.
The one-day program is part of the LeadAmerica Career Discovery Conference “Discover Medicine, Science & Robotics” that is being held July 28 – Aug. 6 at Bentley College. The CPR certification classes will take place at the PRO EMS Center for MEDICS in Cambridge, the first fully functioning simulation lab for emergency medical services in the Northeast. In addition to CPR, the students will also study EMT skills and participate in realistic patient care scenarios using high-fidelity, interactive manikins.
The LeadAmerica students will start their one-day excursion at PRO EMS in a mass CPR certification class. They will be split into smaller groups that will then rotate among stations offering specific medical instruction and simulation experiences.
At one station, students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the heart and the cardiac conduction system, and will have the chance to perform EKG tracings of their classmate’s heart waves. In another area, students will study anatomy and physiology of the airway and respiratory tract. They will learn how to place an endotracheal tube and perform an intubation on a high fidelity, life-like manikin.
The purpose of the LeadAmerica conference is to allow the students to explore various careers. The PRO EMS program provides the opportunity to experience the health-care field. Students can see what it’s like to be an EMT – from reviewing the required equipment and supplies in an ambulance to responding to a simulated accident scene where they must extract a manikin-patient from a motor vehicle.
The culmination of the program is a patient-care scenario in the PRO EMS Center for MEDICS Simulation Lab. The PRO EMS Center for MEDICS boasts lifelike human patient simulators that can speak and demonstrate symptoms of illness and trauma; computer systems that record every step a student takes in treating a manikin “patient;” and large video screens so that students can review and analyze their performance. Here, students will apply the skills they have learned to perform a patient examination and assessment in the Center’s simulated hospital emergency room setting, with the situation evolving as the patient goes into a cardiac arrest. The students, along with Center for MEDICS instructors, will then review a video of their performance and corresponding data from control computers that monitor and record the manikin/patient life-support functions during the scenario.
“This program not only allows students to participate in a realistic medical emergency with an interactive and clinically life-like patient, but also enables them to watch, and analyze, themselves in action after they perform the scenario,” said Jay Starzynski, Operations Supervisor at PRO EMS.
Starzynski and Christopher Kerley, Director for PRO EMS Center for MEDICS, worked with LeadAmerica to design this training program. They are available to design similar programs customized for other student or health-care provider groups.
PRO EMS recently hosted about 300 high school students from the LeadAmerica “Medicine & Healthcare” conference for a similar two-day program that also included instruction and practice on intravenous therapy.
About Professional Ambulance Service
Professional Ambulance Service (PRO EMS) provides emergency medical services to the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts in conjunction with the Cambridge Fire, Police, Emergency Communications and Public Health Departments. Additionally, PRO EMS provides emergency medical services to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professional Ambulance has proudly served the citizens, students, and visitors of Cambridge for over 35 years. For more information, visit
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