State-of-the-Art NeoNatal Patient Simulator Added To Training Program

Pro EMS Center For MEDICS Adds State-of-the-Art NeoNatal Patient Simulator to Its Training Program
Pro EMS is the only ambulance provider in the Northeast and New York regions to offer the “SimNewB” Manikin, developed by Laerdal and the American Academy of Pediatrics, as part of its Neonatal Resuscitation Program
Cambridge, Mass., August 2008 – Professional Ambulance Service (Pro EMS), one of the premiere providers of emergency medical services in Massachusetts, is pleased to announce that its training program has added a SimNewB™ newborn patient simulator, the newest, most advanced clinical training device available in the U.S. for neonatal care.
Pro EMS is the only ambulance provider in the Northeast and New York regions to offer a SimNewB patient simulator, which has realistic newborn traits and provides lifelike clinical feedback that enables specialized training for infant resuscitation and other lifesaving neonatal medical procedures such as pneumothorax decompression and umbilical vein catherization. Pro EMS plans to use SimNewB in a new Neonatal Resuscitation Program program to be held at its Center for MEDICS. The two-day classes will be run in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics and will focus on the advanced level resuscitation of a newborn baby.
The Pro EMS Center For MEDICS simulation lab for emergency medical services is the first fully functioning one in the Northeast and includes emergency room and apartment settings for its patient care scenarios, computer systems that record every step a trainee takes in treating these manikin patients, and a video screen for trainees and instructors to watch and evaluate the handling of each patient care scenario. EMTs, paramedics, emergency room doctors and nurses across Massachusetts come to the Center For MEDICS for the latest in emergency medical training. In addition to the SimNewB, the state-of-the-art lab also boasts lifelike adult and child patient simulators that can speak and demonstrate symptoms of illness and trauma.
“Special training is needed to learn how to treat babies in a trauma situation. The medical techniques for neonatal procedures are different than those for an adult or even a child patient, and since few traumas involve infants the opportunities are rare for these skills to be practiced and perfected,” said Chris Kerley, director of The Pro EMS Center For MEDICS.
With SimNewB, Kerley can devise numerous medical scenarios involving patient situations ranging from a vigorous to a compromised newborn, and then remotely control the manikin’s lifelike responses throughout each training session. Special software communicates with the manikin during the simulation to register and time stamp events such as when chest compressions are started and stopped, when the blood pressure is checked, and when ventilations are started and stopped. Kerley and his staff plan to use SimNewB to train paramedics, doctors and nurses on special airway management skills and considerations that are specific to newborns.
The SimNewB was developed in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the training requirements of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) course. There are only three SimNewB manikins in Northeast hospitals and only fifteen in hospitals nationwide.
The Center For MEDICS trains staff from Professional Ambulance and the Cambridge Fire and Police Departments, as well as staff from other fire and police departments and doctors and nurses from area hospitals. The simulation center’s programs include training on emergency medical procedures that are difficult to practice anywhere else because the equipment is not widely available. As for neonatal training, the addition of SimNewB makes The Pro EMS Center For MEDICS emergency medical program the only one in Massachusetts to provide a lifelike simulator for its students.
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