Event & Threat Monitoring

Pro EMS uses the First Watch data surveillance and early warning software system to increase situational awareness in the Communications Center and throughout our Organization. The system is configured to monitor multiple internal information systems (CAD, ePCR, etc.) and warn of emerging health threats or possible WMD/Bioterrorism activity by monitoring real-time data for statistically significant occurrences or trends. The software is easily customizable, and can automatically monitor multiple trends or threats from disparate data sources or agencies. When a possible threat or other qualifying trend is detected, the system alerts by sending messages, maps showing the distribution of suspicious events, and other details, via e-mail, pager, SMS or fax. The information is used to determine the nature and significance of the trend and, if necessary, take appropriate steps to protect the public. The software is also used to identify trends and events that are nonthreatening and non-emergent in nature but of interest to those involved with community health initiatives.