Continuing Education

Pro EMS offers multiple opportunities for our providers to learn new skills while maintaining current competencies. Through Pro EMS Center for MEDICS, our paramedics can participate in continuing education, professional development, and skills retention courses.

The nature of emergency medicine services is such that paramedics need to maintain critical skills that may not be utilized frequently in the field. On scene, there is no room for error or time to regain comfort with a particular skill; paramedics must be able to respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently, no matter what type of emergency they encounter. To address this need, Center for MEDICS created H.A.L.O., a High Acuity Low Occurrence training program that offers paramedics up to four opportunities a year to work on skills retention. In addition to maintaining competency, H.A.L.O. sometimes introduces new technologies, skills, or equipment.

continuing educationEvery month, Center for MEDICS instructors present a Case of the Month simulation in which all Pro EMS field providers, at every level, are able to participate. The case may have been an actual case encountered in the field, or may highlight a recent protocol change.

Two providers from an active EMS unit in our service area are brought back to the Simulation labs to “respond” to a simulated call. The two providers use a systematic approach to determine the resources, needed and the treatment plan for the patient, including extrication and transfer of care at the receiving facility. The crew runs the call in real time and then participates in a debrief with the Simulation specialist.

During the debrief, the critical decisions are dissected to ensure the best treatment course was provided to the patient in the most effective and efficient way. In addition to patient care, the Simulation expert discusses the crew’s affect and behavior towards the patient, as well as the team dynamics seen in the call.

In addition to H.A.L.O. training and Case of the Month studies, all Pro EMS employees are offered multiple opportunities to participate in E.D. rounds and instructor classes conducted by Pro EMS Center for MEDICS.