Staff Development

Staff Development
A comprehensive series of training classes geared toward employee well-being and physical safety, including, but not limited to, Workplace Violence Prevention and Injury Prevention, are offered annually to all employees.

Pro EMS staff regularly attend national conferences that keep us current on news and developments within EMS. Some of the conferences our staff has attended recently include the following:

  • The EMS State of the Sciences Conference. This annual, global conference offers participants the opportunity to learn “cutting-edge information and advances in EMS patient care, research and management issues — as well as trending challenges (and lessons learned from those challenges) – while also introducing novel patient care strategies and techniques.”
  • The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) Symposium. Held annually in the U.S., this Symposium gathers EMS Educators to network with each other, discuss teaching skills and offer insights based on individual experiences.
  • Pinnacle. Neither a trade show nor a conference, Pinnacle is a participatory experience in which EMS providers of all levels and environments attend roundtable discussions with each other.
  • Navigator. Sponsored by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, Navigator focuses on offering educational opportunities and insights specific to communications within EMS.

Through Pro EMS Center for MEDICS, additional training sessions are frequently offered to Pro EMS employees. These include certification classes, high-acuity low-occurrence training, and EMT and paramedic refresher courses. In addition, an on-site simulation lab enables field providers to reenact and analyze their responses to a select patient case each month, and to practice and refine their skills using high-fidelity manikins in realistic emergency room and apartment settings.

Please visit the Center for MEDICS website for course descriptions, class schedules, and additional information on other training opportunities.