Billing Policies

Our billing staff plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission of providing excellent customer service to all our patients. We are dedicated to humane billing and collection practices. 

We utilize Zoll Data Systems billing software to assist our staff in providing timely responses to all patient and third-party payer billing inquiries.  

Pro EMS accepts assignments from Medicare, Medicaid, and all third-party payers for patients meeting applicable medical necessity requirements. All invoices are clearly explained and all services and supplies charged to the patient are listed separately. 

Pro EMS will not engage in payment collection for services at the scene, en route, or upon delivery of the patient. 

Billing and Collection Policies

1. Pro EMS accepts assignment from all third-party payers.

2. Pro EMS will make every effort to bill, and collect payment from, the patient’s insurance companies directly.

3. Pro EMS will not utilize threatening letters, billing tactics, or telephone collection methods to collect payment for services rendered.

4. The primary focus of all billing messages and telephone contacts will be to secure patient insurance information.

5. Pro EMS utilizes an outside collection agency only when all efforts fail in contacting a patient for insurance information or to arrange for payment.

6. Any outside collection agency utilized by Pro EMS will be held to the highest standard of accountability for its customer service and collection tactics. Pro EMS has a long-standing relationship with First Financial Resources, Inc. and has received no significant complaints from any patient regarding their collection tactics.

7. Pro EMS will address all cases of financial hardship on an individual basis. Our only basic requirement of a patient with a financial hardship is that they contact our office and work with us cooperatively before their bill is sent to the outside collection agency.

(a) Any patient who contacts our billing office with a declaration of financial hardship will be offered a payment plan to meet their individual needs.

(b) Any patient who states they are unable to meet the terms of a payment plan for the full amount of the bill will be offered a reduction in the bill to the current Medicaid rate of reimbursement with the balance written off as a “financial hardship.” A payment plan for the balance due will be arranged if necessary.

(c) Any patient who contacts Pro EMS and states they are unable to pay any amount of the bill may qualify to have their bill written off as a “financial hardship.”

All such requests and determination of financial hardship are considered on an individual case-by-case basis. Pro EMS may request documentation of the financial hardship in the form of hospital free care documentation, a letter from a third party such as a social worker, or a letter from the patient himself or herself stating that they have a financial hardship.