Something Disruptive

Even before the pandemic EMS staffing was at a tipping point. The pandemic has pushed healthcare staffing off the cliff. We realize you’re leaving blood on the floor, and something needs to change for all of EMS as a profession. 
One thing is clear. More meetings are not working. The same old strategies do not work. Facebook posts full of promises do not work. We need to try something different, something disruptive, to see if we can move toward fixing the problem, not just talking about it. 
Through a significant increase in wages, a more comprehensive benefits package, focused incentives geared toward wellness and a healthy work-life balance, an investment in personal development and unique professional opportunities, we can move the needle for EMS providers. 
Why haven’t we done this sooner? Why doesn’t everyone do this? The answer to that one is easy. Simple math shows that this approach is absolutely not sustainable within the current EMS funding model; that is a fact. 
We are going to try another way of looking at it. We’re going to break the mold and transform how prehospital providers are perceived, valued, and compensated. We are going to try and make it sustainable. We’re going all in, and we like our chances.

Here's The Catch

You are going to be held to a higher standard. You will be asked to put forth your best effort every day. Your clinical acumen will be challenged, and you’ll be pushed to evolve and grow both personally and professionally. You’ll learn to guide your decisions by considering what is truly best for your patients. You’ll be encouraged to demand the same from your coworkers and you’ll be tasked with holding the collective accountable. You’ll have to accept our relentless pursuit of self-evaluation and our tireless efforts to improve. We’ll expect an absolute commitment to the team, our philosophy, our mission, and our patients. 
In return, this is a place where you’ll be encouraged to grow, a place where your opinion matters, a place where you’ll be rewarded for your character and integrity, and a place where your intensity of purpose and dedication will not go unnoticed. 
You’ll be supported by a leadership group that believes in you, that hears you. You’ll find clinical sophistication, state-of-the art equipment, and innovation in abundance. We’re a nimble organization that is listening and understands we’re past the tipping point. 
Too many companies are asking “do YOU have what WE’RE looking for?” How about this, what are YOU looking for in your next EMS gig? We’re challenging the norm, we’re doing something different, something disruptive. Are you all in? 


Full Time
Cambridge, MA


Full Time
Cambridge, MA

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