Simulation Labs

Simulation is at the heart of Pro EMS’s approach to medical education and staff development.

During initial training and at continuous regular intervals we utilize high-fidelity simulation labs to hone assessment skills, evolve pattern recognition, review protocols, reinforce treatment principles, introduce new procedures and equipment, and train for high-acuity, low-occurrence scenarios.  

Our simulation labs go far beyond just a mannequin in a stretcher. Our sim labs recreate common settings in which paramedics work, and fully immerse the learner in the simulated patient encounter. By recreating authentic scene settings, the sim labs add tremendous value in teaching and developing difficult but essential skills. 

Although the simulation exercises are valuable, the real education occurs during the debrief. Instructors guide students through a detailed review of each simulation, taking advantage of the technology available to educate, clarify, and correct. Simulation software can track student actions and patient responses during a sim, enabling students to see a clear cause-effect relationship between treatment, response and outcome. All simulation labs are outfitted with a full suite of HD cameras, allowing the instructor a full view of all student activities and behaviors so that every part of the simulated call can be reviewed and debriefed.