Field Training Evaluation Program

NEOP Grubman

Pro EMS utilizes its Field Evaluation and Training Program (FTEP) to ensure all of our new hires and newly promoted paramedics receive consistent and appropriate training and evaluation.

This training program for new and rising field providers consists of three phases for BLS providers and 4 phases for ALS providers. The first phase of FTEP is between 5 and 7 days long depending on how quickly and efficiently the provider successfully proves competency in the required skill sets. The purpose of Phase 1 is to introduce the provider to Pro EMS and the “Pro-way”. During Phase 2, the FTEP candidate is working as a third team member to gain experience in patient care inclusive of physical assessment, verbal communication with patient, obtaining vital signs, performing BLS/ALS skills, and developing a patient care plan. By the end of this phase, the provider will have been successfully introduced to patient care, ALS/BLS skills, and IFT paperwork. The FTEP candidate will be expected to focus on all aspects of driving including navigating to calls, hospitals, and transfer destinations using all available resources.

During Phase 3, FTEP candidate will work as a second team member with a FTO in order to learn all aspects of communication, operations, and patient care.

The expectations of the process are clear and beneficial for both the organization and the providers. Consistent and valuable feedback through in-person communication and documentation through Agency 360 allows the new provider to know exactly where they stand with their training progress. Graduates of the FTEP Program are able to work in all service areas and with providers at all levels creating an extremely flexible and productive work environment.

Pro EMS has stringent recertification and re-credentialing requirements upon hire for all paramedics and EMTs.  Every new Pro EMS field provider will have ALL recertification requirements completed, controlled, and documented by Pro EMS prior to assignment notwithstanding their current status or expiration date.  With this process, we are able to guarantee that all field provider credentials are complete, current, and legitimate.