Event Medical Coverage

event medical coverageEach year the Communities and Universities within the Pro EMS coverage area host many social, educational, commercial, and athletic events that can draw as many as 250,000 people per event.

Each type of event is different and involves various complexities and particular EMS-related concerns.

As much as possible, we work with event organizers, City or Town Officials and other Public Safety Agencies to create Special Events Plans prior to the event. Most plans address the type of venue; number of individuals expected to be in attendance; geographical, social and seasonal considerations; local EMS capabilities; and access, egress, and staging of EMS resources. Small events generally have one or two Field Providers assigned. Large scale events are normally staffed by EMTs, Paramedics and On-site Emergency Medicine Physicians. Any event with more than five (5) Field Providers requires a Supervisor. First Aid Stations, Ambulances, Intercept Vehicles, watercraft and other specialized vehicles are utilized during larger events when necessary.

These are some of the area’s special events for which we have provided EMS coverage:

  • Boston’s Fourth of July
  •  Head of the Charles Regatta
  •  Harvard University Athletics
  •  Harvard University and MIT Commencements
  •  Walk for Hunger
  •  City of Cambridge Mayor’s Day