Special Operations

In addition to regular ambulance operations, we respond to a variety of events and incidents that are classified as special operations. These events and incidents range from emergent standbys at structure fires and technical rescues, to planned mass gatherings such as commencements and festivals. Pro EMS has responded to large scale events and numerous prolonged FEMA deployments for natural disasters and pandemic response.  

Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI)

Our field providers receive extensive, continuous training on the various aspects of triage, treatment, and transport as related to Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs) and other large-scale events. Each field provider receives Simple Triage and Rapid Transport (START) training as part of their initial and annual mandatory training programs. Every new employee receives NIMS IS 100, 200, 700 and 800 training, and all field providers are trained on the fundamental principles and concepts related to the management and coordination of MCIs. START Triage and MCI Management are reviewed during mandatory High Acuity Low Occurrence (HALO) training provided quarterly to all employees. Additionally, all providers are trained to the Hazmat Awareness level. 

Incident Support Unit (ISU)

Pro EMS maintains an Incident Support Unit (ISU), available 24/7 for incidents or events that fall outside of routine or daily EMS operations. The ISU houses specialized equipment including Cyanokits for the treatment of suspected cyanide poisoning and equipment to assist with MCIs and Active Shooter Hostile Events Response. Other items including water bowls for working K9s and pets, and clothes for individuals displaced from structure fires are included.  

FEMA Deployment

American Medical Response is the sole contracted provider for the FEMA Federal National Ambulance Service Contract. Pro EMS is contracted with AMR to provide EMS resources, as a sub-contractor, to federally declared disasters and actively participates as part of the AMR Disaster Response Team. Previous deployments include hurricanes, tornadoes, and pandemic responses. All field providers are eligible to participate in this program when Pro EMS is activated.