The Pro EMS communications infrastructure, including voice interactions and data transfer, has been built on industry-leading technologies.


Pro EMS operates a redundant radio system by multicasting or simulcasting over both 400mhz and 800mhz frequencies. This allows the Communications Center and each vehicle to access all Statewide Central Medical Emergency Direction Systems (CMED), Local EMS System Medical Control, Boston Area Mutual Aid (BAMA), local Fire Departments and other public safety agencies.  All communications and IT infrastructure have multiple redundancies with automatic failovers in the event of a failure or interruption in service. 

 The Pro EMS Communications Center operates 24/7 and is staffed by Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs), many of whom are EMTs and Paramedics.  Dispatchers are trained and certified by the NAED or APCO.  Dispatcher performance is routinely evaluated as part of the Communications Center CQI Program. 


The Fleet Eyes technology improves the dispatcher’s situational awareness, allowing for more efficient resource utilization, faster response times and safer patient transports. Fleet Eyes provides dispatch with a real-time view of vehicle location so they can send the closest, most appropriate resource to requests for service. We capture historical data to detect trends in call volume so we can pre-position our vehicles in locations most likely to require a response at certain times of day. Fleet Eyes also shows vehicle operators the most efficient route to reach a patient as well as the location of other resources operating within the system. This type of insight helps us to improve response times and facilitate ALS intercepts.