About Us

Clinical Oversight

Clinical oversight is provided by a team of experienced EMS physicians and paramedics who participate as leaders in regional, state, and national oversight organizations and associations. The team works continuously to ensure that all protocols and technologies are evidence-based, best practice, and innovative. 

Medical Direction

Medical oversight for the Cambridge EMS System is provided by the Mount Auburn Hospital. William Porcaro, MD, FACEP, MPH, is the Medical Director for the Cambridge EMS System. 24/7 online medical control is available to all providers in the system. 

Emerson Hospital provides medical oversight to the CMERA communities. Gert Walter, MD, FACEP, is the Medical Director for the CMERA system. 24/7 online medical control is available to all providers in the system. 

Physicians from both hospital emergency departments participate in monthly Morbidity and Mortality Rounds (M&M) with the field providers in both systems. 

South Middlesex EMS (SMEMS)

Since 1974 South Middlesex EMS has served as a resource for EMS services in the suburban Boston area. SMEMS provides EMS system development consulting as well as medical oversight for Basic and Advanced Life Support EMS services. Under the experienced leadership of Dr. Gary Setnik and Dr. William Porcaro, SMEMS provides medical oversight and credentialing for the Cambridge EMS System, drawing on the resources of several area hospitals, including the Mount Auburn Hospital and the Cambridge Health Alliance.  

EMS Physician Participants

We have established relationships with Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Program. During their four-year residency in Emergency Medicine, many of these physicians have been active participants in our EMS systems, providing valuable input into our training and CQI programs.