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Partner Organizations

Center for MEDICS

The first accredited paramedic program in Massachusetts, CFM runs a nine-month program with three cohorts a year. General class size is 40 students. In addition to the CoAEMSP accredited paramedic program, CFM is an American Heart Association Authorized Training Center and an NAEMT approved training site. CFM runs two EMT programs a year exclusively for Harvard’s CrimsonEMS and MIT EMS, the student-run EMS organizations at their respective universities. The CFM cadre oversees all internal training for Pro EMS. 

Prodigy EMS

Prodigy is our nationally recognized, CAPCE accredited, online learning management system. Prodigy provides live instructor-led training and high-quality EMS continuing education, delivery, and tracking. We use Prodigy for all new employee training, annual training, continuing education, M&M Rounds, and refresher classes. The full catalog of continuing education classes as well as unlimited access to certification tracking and management are available to all Pro EMS employees.  

Pro EMS Solutions

Pro EMS Solutions provides comprehensive billing, technology, and administrative services to EMS and public safety agencies. We’re uniquely qualified to fulfil this mission based on our roots in EMS administration, operations, patient care, training, and reimbursement. We have worked closely with many communities to help provide proven efficient and scalable EMS systems that are patient-focused, clinically sophisticated and fiscally responsible. 

EMS Gives Life

EMS Gives Life is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, support, and facilitate organ donation by EMS providers, first responders, and anyone wishing to engage in this life-saving activity. 

Meti Project Logo

The METI Project

The METI Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainability in healthcare through medical education, training, and improved infrastructure in under-served areas of the world. Launched in 2013 by Pro EMS and the Center for MEDICS, The METI Project addresses critical medical needs by providing pre-hospital training and system design in the world’s most underdeveloped countries.