About Us

Patient & Provider Safety

In support of advancing clinical care, we’re constantly implementing new technologies, procedures, and equipment. These advancements are often driven by risk-management initiatives keeping the safety of our patients and field providers a top priority. 

Stretcher Safety

The Stryker Power-LOAD system is one of only two crash-rated systems available in the US market. Our entire fleet is equipped with both Stryker Power-PRO stretchers as well as Stryker Power-LOAD systems, ensuring the safest transport available in the industry.

Pediatric Safety

Not satisfied with the industry standard for pediatric transport, we were an early adopter of the ACR4 pediatric transport device and the KangooFix newborn transporter.  The pair of devices represented a commitment to both operational and clinical demands, allowing for the safest transportation of pediatric patients in the prehospital setting.

To ensure confidence and accuracy in the delivery of pediatric medication dosing, Pro EMS was the first ambulance service in Massachusetts to implement the Handtevy system.  The mobile application allows providers the ability to review weight-based medication dosing prior to administration, replacing the high-risk procedure with a systematic approach.

Field Provider Safety

SSAAFER (Strategies to Stop Aggressive Actions for Emergency Responders) is a forward-thinking defensive tactics program designed to help our field providers protect themselves and others on calls through verbal and physical de-escalation. This training is provided to every field provider.

Recognizing the increasing prevalence of active shooter events, Pro EMS invested in personal ballistic protection for every response vehicle and ambulance.  This equipment ensures that Pro EMS employees operating in hostile events are appropriately protected and can render aid almost immediately. Pro EMS currently stocks two BAO Tactical Molle Outer Carriers and two BAO Tactical MICH IIIA Hemlets on each ambulance. 


Since 2003, Pro EMS has utilized dash-cam video and audio recording to provide vehicle operators with immediate feedback and an emphasis on safe driving techniques. Pro EMS currently utilizes SAMSARA Dash Cams, the latest in dash-cam technology which integrates geo-tracking, real-time coaching, and automatic incident upload in HD video.

Syndromic Surveillance

Online since 2008, Pro EMS was the first EMS agency in New England to use the data analytics tool, FirstWatch. Subsequently, we’ve received national recognition for our unique use of FirstWatch for opioid overdose surveillance. User-defined KPIs and filters analyze data from our CAD, ProQA and ePCR systems to provide, automated, real-time feedback. Alerts provide warning of potential emerging health threats, such as a chemical, biologic, or radioactive incident, or for naturally occurring epidemics or pandemics. Real-time dashboards make data easy to visualize and act upon, while they system automates key notifications for sentinel events. Overall, the system helps us improve situational awareness, operational performance, and ultimately patient outcomes.