Continuous Quality Improvement

To ensure the delivery of quality emergency medical care, Field Providers, their performance and patient outcomes are continuously evaluated and measured.

The Pro EMS Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program is a systematic process of review and analysis of 100% of patient interactions.

Every response and transport of each patient is reviewed by our Director of CQI. These reviews include all emergency responses including those that do not result in a patient transport. We have chosen to commit to this level of review as the best way to immediately identify and address patient care issues. It also allows us to better collect data to increase our level of clinical sophistication and evaluate the latest EMS protocols and equipment. We are proud the program is not punitive. On the contrary, many field providers initiate conversations regarding specific patient care issues as part of their effort to continuously improve themselves.


The CQI program encourages our field providers to team together to develop and enhance the EMS system. The Program ensures compliance with Massachusetts Statewide Treatment Protocols, identifies training opportunities, highlights outstanding clinical performance, and reviews specific illnesses and injuries along with their associated treatments.

The Pro EMS CQI program analyzes all skills performed by ALS personnel to ensure clinical competency and compliance. Trends are monitored and appropriate action is taken when needed. The Pro EMS CQI program conducts prospective, concurrent, and retrospective review of our field providers’ medical care, and provides feedback, coaching and consulting to ensure the highest standards of patient care. It includes monthly M&M rounds with medical directors, as well as monthly training and quarterly skills retention in the Simulation Lab. Participants learn critical thought process patterns and constructive self-scrutiny.

The managers who oversee our CQI program also handle Special Projects, Research, and Data Collection and Trending. Their efforts help Pro EMS improve performance and maintain the company’s high standards.