The Pro EMS communications and Information Technology infrastructure, which encompasses voice interactions and data transfer, has been built on industry leading technologies including VMware, EMC, Cisco, and Citrix.

Pro EMS is the only ACE-accredited Dispatch Center in Massachusetts.

Pro EMS operates a redundant radio system by multicasting or simulcasting over both 400mhz and 800mhz frequencies. This allows the Communications Center and each vehicle to access all Statewide Central Medical Emergency Direction Systems (CMED), Local EMS System Medical Control, Boston Area Mutual Aid (BAMA), local Fire Departments and other public safety agencies.

Motorola radio hardware are installed throughout the system. Both fiber optic lines and wireless data channels from multiple carriers transmit data to and from the Communications Center. Hard-wired, copper ring down circuits connect Pro EMS to integral PSAPs and 9-1-1 Centers in the communities we serve.

In addition to copper telephone lines, VoIP and broadband, the Center is equipped with wireless communication devices on multiple different carriers operating on protected Public Safety frequencies. All communications and IT infrastructure have multiple redundancies with automatic failovers in the event of a failure or interruption in service.

To ensure continuity of operations, all mission critical data is replicated in real time to an offsite secured colocation facility. In the event of a catastrophic incident at our primary data center, all network traffic is automatically redirected to the secondary location with minimal interruption of service to our staff or clients. Precautions have also been taken to mitigate local hardware failure of the server infrastructure through the use of VMware’s vMotion in conjunction with additional virtual hosts for the immediate need of a fail over. Through the use of redundant dedicated circuits, our primary location has multiple active internet connections insuring fast inbound and outbound bandwidth and removing one single point of failure for any one device or system.