In-Vehicle Communication

Pro EMS has deployed Fleet Eyes for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Fleet Eyes is a robust AVL system that is fully integrated with our CAD to provide real-time location information for ALL fleet vehicles. Fleet Eyes shows current vehicle location, speed, crew member information, incident details and indexes all movement of vehicles for after incident quality assurance review and risk management.
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Each vehicle is equipped with InMotion Onboard Mobile Gateways (OMGs).

The OMGs are the core of in-vehicle data transfer and communications.

OMGs are high performance, secure, wireless broadband networking devices for mobile applications. Or more simply, modems. The OMGs turn each vehicle into a wireless hotspot, extending our enterprise network to include our fleet of vehicles by providing wireless access to an array of communications equipment including Motorola and Kenwood radios, cellular phones and Panasonic Tough Books. The onboard computers run most of the software available to our physical Communications Center which allows the ISU to function in concert with our Communications Center or independently, as a stand-alone Mobile Command Center or Mobile Dispatch. Automatic Vehicle Location, Status and Availability, Route Planning, ePCR connectivity, EKG transmission, Fleet Management and Vehicle Readiness Diagnostics (fuel level, battery condition, speed, etc.) are all made possible by the OMGs.