Non-Emergency Transport

Pro EMS provides non-emergency ALS and BLS ambulance transportation to and from local facilities, including Cambridge Health Alliance facilities, the Mt. Auburn Hospital, Harvard University, MIT, Cambridge Elder Service Plan, as well as several other area facilities and programs.

NonEmergencyA transport is considered non-emergency if a patient is moving to or from a health facility, or between health facilities, for medically necessary reasons that are not a direct result of a sudden or unexpected deterioration in the patient’s condition, and which do not require immediate management of life, limb or function-threatening conditions. This includes patients being discharged from the hospital but unable to use conventional means of transportation, or those requiring specialized diagnostic and treatment facilities available only at specific hospitals.

Private insurance plans have varying rules and requirements regarding the coverage of non-emergency ambulance service. Virtually every insurance company will require that non-emergency ambulance service be medically necessary and not simply used for the convenience of the patient or the care of a preferred facility or physician. Often, insurance plans require prior approval, a doctor’s signature, as well as specific origin and destination restrictions. Some insurance plans may not cover any non-emergency ambulance service.

When calling for non-emergency ambulance service, please be prepared to provide the dispatcher with basic patient information and the type of service being requested. Requests for ambulance transports that require an ALS ambulance (ACLS) will require additional information be given to the dispatcher regarding the patient’s condition and treatment required. Pro EMS is committed to providing hassle-free, efficient on-time service for all non-emergency ambulance requests. To arrange a non-emergency patient transport, please call our dispatch at 617-492-2700.