Cambridge EMS

The Cambridge EMS system was designed to allow all EMS participants to focus on what they do best:

Cambridge Fire Department (CFD) leads the EMS system and focuses on rescue, mitigation and ALS first response to an incident. Pro EMS focuses on ALS patient care, patient transport, reimbursement and other EMS system functions. The flexibility of the system allows for the delivery of the highest level of care to patients in the most efficient manner.

Cambridge Squad

Pro EMS and CFD, with the support of Cambridge Emergency Communications Department and South Middlesex EMS (SMEMS), proposed to develop a model EMS system based on our unique public/private partnership. The proposal included adding ALS resources in the Fire Department, a move that represented an opportunity for Cambridge to increase the level of emergency care being delivered to its citizens. ALS now reaches virtually every emergency patient in one of the busiest service areas in Massachusetts. In nearly all cases, the Cambridge EMS system is able to provide two paramedics at the scene and two paramedics in the back of the ambulance to care for the highest acuity patients.

Predicated on focus and flexibility, the new Cambridge EMS system serves as a model for other Massachusetts communities. The Cambridge EMS system was recognized by the Metro Boston EMS Council with the Innovation Award, which is presented to an entity that has shown innovative thinking to address a problem that affects the EMS community.

Under the experienced leadership of Dr. Gary Setnik, South Middlesex EMS (SMEMS) provides medical oversight for Pro EMS, drawing on the resources of several area hospitals, including Mount Auburn Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance. SMEMS requires specific credentialing for all ALS field providers and medical control physicians, and provides monthly ALS M & M Rounds attended by both Cambridge EMS field providers and medical control physicians.

Cambridge Fire Department, Pro EMS, and SMEMS offer a combined total of more than 100 free hours of Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS)-approved EMS continuing education every year, as well as refresher and recertification classes.