Training and Continuing Education

Our commitment to your personal and professional development also begins on day one. We have stringent recertification and re-credentialing requirements; during your onboarding process, ALL field providers have required certifications/recertifications completed in-house regardless of status or expiration date.  

For initial training, we utilize FTEP, the Field Training and Evaluation Program. This type of program ensures tangible expectations are set and all providers receive consistent instruction with time-sensitive feedback. Initial training is phased with varying completion times. Training consists of observation rides, third riding, and second seat team member status with field training officers. Our EMTs generally complete the Program within 6-12 weeks, paramedics can anticipate 12-24 weeks, although each field providers’ total time in the Program may vary depending on individual performance. Upon successful completion of the Program, field providers earn their pin and are cleared to work independently of a field training officer. 

During your initial training and at continuous regular intervals we utilize high-fidelity simulation labs to hone assessment skills, evolve pattern recognition, review protocols, reinforce treatment principles, introduce new procedures and equipment, and train for high acuity, low occurrence scenarios. Monthly M&M Rounds include our prehospital partners and are conducted by our Medical Direction Team. 

Ongoing continuing education and recertification are offered cost-free, both in-house through the Center for Medics and remotely through PRODIGY, our online learning management system. If you’re an EMT interested in obtaining paramedic certification, you’re entitled to a 50% price reduction on your paramedic training when completed in-house.