Work-Life Balance

It’s a difficult job at times. We’re not offering our patients a complimentary dessert if things don’t go well; lives are affected by your decisions. Your actions and attitude during someone’s worst day have cumulative, lasting effects. Compassion fatigue and PTSD are real. Our field providers and support staff are the most important assets we have. Your work-life balance, wellness, and overall physical and mental health are important to the well-being of the collective. 

In addition to valuing your experience and education with an exceptional compensation package and acknowledging your healthcare needs with an outstanding medical coverage plan, we offer company-provided healthy snacks, juices, protein shakes, and shift meals. We have an on-site fitness room with cardio equipment and free weights to help manage stress and stay healthy.  

Eating well, exercising, and enjoying ample time away from the unique stressors encountered in our industry isn’t always enough. We offer a robust employee assistance program including legal counseling, and anonymous substance abuse and mental health counseling. Wouldn’t it be crazy to ask you to provide for others’ health issues and not address your own? We think so.