You’ll be compensated for your prior experience at $0.50/an hour for each year of verifiable experience in grade. 

Starting EMT pay is $21 – $24, paramedics start at $26 -$32. Shift work over forty hours and overtime opportunities are paid at one and a half times your base rate. EMS and standby details are paid at a rate of $50 an hour with a four-hour minimum. You’ll receive a scheduled, yearly performance review based on merit, not simply survival time. Our annual performance review is structured to allow you to reach the top of the pay scale in five years versus twenty. 

The issues of late calls, holding over and mandatory staffing levels are unique to public safety. Your personal obligations and responsibilities are important to us, and we understand your time has value. In addition to the disruptive, industry-changing pay scale, being held over for late calls or critical staffing issues is paid at two and a half times your base rate. No strings, you stay late, 2.5x your hourly rate. 

We offer a 401(k) retirement savings plan with company matching, allowing you to successfully prepare for your future. Pro matches $0.25 of every dollar you contribute up to the first 4% of your gross compensation. 

Increase your annual income with a FEMA deployment. We participate in FEMA’s Federal Disaster Response System by providing EMS personnel to disasters, acts of terrorism and other public health emergencies. We compensate our field providers for ALL hours deployed. A one-week deployment means 40 hours of straight time and 128 hours of overtime on your next paycheck.